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18 October 2017


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Coming soon

Choosing VET: aspirations, intention and choice 23 October 2017 By Jo Hargreaves, Kristen Osborne

This summary brings together the findings from two research projects looking at the aspirations, int… Show more

In their words: student choice in training markets 23 October 2017 By Justin Brown

This research offers insight into the options available to individuals as they navigate the VET mark… Show more

Choosing VET: investigating the VET aspirations of school students 23 October 2017 By Jennifer Gore, Hywel Ellis, Leanne Fray, Maxwell Smith, Adam Lloyd, Carly Berrigan, Andrew Lyell, Natasha Weaver, Kathryn Holmes

This study investigates the ways in which school students and their parents, carers and teachers tal… Show more

Employers' use and views of the VET system 2017 26 October 2017 By NCVER

This survey collects information about employers’ use and views of the vocational education and trai… Show more

Government-funded students and courses - January to June 2017 31 October 2017 By NCVER

This publication provides a summary of data relating to students, programs, subjects and training pr… Show more

Looking ahead

Social media and student outcomes: teacher, student and employer views By Margaret Johnston, Victor Callan
Social media in VET courses: good practice guide By NCVER