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14 August 2017


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Coming soon

Employers' perspectives on training: three industries 14 August 2017 By Chandra Shah

Employer perspectives of workforce training, across three industries (red meat processing, road frei… Show more

The role of VET in the entrepreneurial ecosystem 18 August 2017 By Don Scott-Kemmis

There is an increasing importance of entrepreneurial skills in the Australian economy. This paper lo… Show more

VET and entrepreneurship: research overview 18 August 2017 By Don Scott-Kemmis, Tabatha Griffin, Craig Fowler

A look at the role VET currently plays in developing the skills of entrepreneurs, and how this may b… Show more

Total VET students and courses 2016 22 August 2017 By NCVER

This publication provides a summary of vocational education and training (VET) delivered in 2016 by… Show more

A framework to better measure the return on investment from TVET 29 August 2017 By Jane Schueler, John Stanwick, Phil Loveder

This report introduces a conceptual framework for defining what is involved in the ROI calculation a… Show more

Looking ahead

VET in Schools 2016 By NCVER
VET in Schools students: characteristics and post-school employment and training experiences By Davinia Blomberg, Josie Misko, Patrick Korbel
VET program completion rates 2011-2015 By NCVER