Government funding of VET 2019

By NCVER Statistical report 15 December 2020 978-1-925717-61-7


In November 2017, the reporting framework for the new National VET Funding Collection was endorsed by Australian vocational education and training (VET) Ministers. This new approach to reporting provides information on the flow of VET government funds and insight into who provided funding, what was funded and who benefited. The collection scope, implemented over a three-year period, includes direct and indirect government funding for VET, including government assistance to employers for workforce training and apprenticeship employment.

About this publication

This publication presents information on government funding for VET in Australia and reports on:

  • governments’ contributions to VET and funding allocations across states and territories
  • VET funding by VET activities and funding distributions across training or student characteristics
  • the value of public VET assets of property, plant and equipment.

Government provisions for VET loans are presented separately in this publication.

Data have been sourced from the National VET Funding Collection 2019. For further information refer to VET Funding.


Data tables and graphs should be read with the notes, and explanatory information provided with this publication and the publication data file. For clarity in interpreting the figures, please print in colour.

The Government funding of VET Fact Sheet - VET student loans provides information on VET student loans reporting in the Government funding of VET 2019 publication.

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