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Building on the large body of existing research on school to work transitions of youth and pathways,… Show more

Completion rates with group training organisations are only slightly higher than those with private… Show more

The VET system is made up of a diverse array of providers and students involved in a wide range of t… Show more

The overarching aim for this project is to determine the extent to which course duration is related… Show more

This project provides an opportunity to better understand the role training providers play on the ty… Show more

This project will present an overview of skills and educational data linkage and profile these oppor… Show more

The overarching aims of this research are to investigate student transitions into post-school vocati… Show more

This project will produce a compendium of VET reform policies introduced from 1998 and onwards. It w… Show more

This project will research international practice and Australian perspectives on the potential for,… Show more

This project will investigate which individual, course and provider characteristics are the most imp… Show more

Previous work has shown that a high proportion of VET students are enrolled in a limited number of t… Show more

The aim of this study is to investigate two issues related to meeting the demand for skills in the f… Show more

This research focuses on an important aspect of the workforce skills challenge facing Australia: how… Show more

This research aims to navigate through this paradox by moving beyond the technological drivers of ch… Show more

This study aims to analyse barriers to participation, retention and completion in VET, including any… Show more