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20 January 2020


On this page you will find information about any NCVER unscheduled service interruptions and scheduled maintenance interruptions.

Unscheduled service interruptions - last 6 months

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Note: Adelaide daylight savings time runs from October to the following April.
Services / applications affectedDate Start time End timeIssue
NCVER Phone System7/02/202010:0013:30Telecommunications provider is experiencing issues. This is causing NCVER to experience issues receiving incoming calls. Please email support@ncver.edu.au for assistance.
NCVER phone system20/01/20208:3011:00Unable to receive incoming calls or record voicemail. Please email support@ncver.edu.au for assistance.
Portal2/12/201915:0017:00Internet service provider is experiencing issues and our website may be slow to load as a result

Scheduled maintenance interruptions

For a full list of upcoming scheduled maintenance outages

Services / applications affected
NCVER services includes: AVETMISS Validation softwareData Entry Tool Data Visualisation VOCSTATS
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LSAY website    

Scheduled maintenance calendar