What we do

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) is the national professional body responsible for collecting, managing, analysing and communicating research and statistics on the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector.

NCVER's areas of activity:

  • Undertaking a strategic program of education and training research, including the collection and analysis of national VET statistics and survey data and the analytical program of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY).
  • Collecting and publishing research findings on VET and directly related research from across the world through the VOCEDplus research database.
  • Disseminating the results of integrated research and data analytics.
  • Building links with similar international organisations to undertake strategic comparative analyses of mutual interest to benchmark and inform Australian practices.
  • Providing a professional research, analysis and evaluation capability across Australia and internationally.

We measure success by:

  • the use, relevance and overall impact of our integrated research and statistics services
  • the accessibility of our information, which is customised according to need and made secure as required
  • the value of our information to governments in their decision making and policy development
  • the use of information by regulators, providers and industry to support quality and delivery of VET.

Who is NCVER?

Booklet cover

Read more about NCVER's information resources and services in the Who is NCVER? booklet (3.1 MB PDF) published January 2024.


NCVER is an independent, not-for-profit Australian company. It was established in 1981 and is owned by the Commonwealth, state and territory ministers responsible for VET, who are usually referred to as our ‘Members’.

The company is managed by a board of nine directors with experience across state, territory, and Commonwealth governments, industry, unions, and training authorities.

The following principles of practice guide NCVER's work:

  • Analysis will be transparent and replicable.
  • Methodology will follow sound statistical practice and be open to scrutiny.
  • Statistical and research results (excluding commercial consultancies) will be published provided that quality standards are met.
  • Release dates of publications will be available, and any embargo conditions will be clear.
  • Statistical and research results will be descriptive or test research questions and will avoid advocating a particular position.
  • NCVER data and library resources will be available to all groups and individuals equally, under the conditions spelled out in NCVER's policy for the provision of VET information.
  • Research and statistical data are archived to ensure their availability for future researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.
  • NCVER data will be secure and protected by current leading practice, with multiple layers of protection and encryption where necessary.

Our vision, mission and stakeholders

Our vision: Informing and influencing policy and practice in VET to support a skilled and capable Australian workforce and a strong economy.

Our mission: To deliver world class research, intelligent analytics and highly accessible data that is timely, relevant and trusted by our stakeholders.

NCVER provides research and statistical information to a wide range of stakeholders, including:

  • Ministers
  • Commonwealth and state and territory education and training authorities
  • Registered training organisations
  • VET practitioners and providers
  • Educational institutions
  • Australian businesses
  • Researchers
  • International agencies
  • Industry skills councils
  • Employer- and employee-based associations or organisations
  • Community organisations.

Our values

Five values underpin NCVER’s culture:

    Trust: Be credible and reliable, safeguard information and deliver authoritative products and services.

    Respect: Develop and nurture strong collaborative relationships, embrace diversity and be considerate of others.

    Integrity: Be transparent, responsible, and accountable and offer solutions while leading by example.

    Responsiveness: Listen with intent, take relevant action, and seek to meet others' needs.

    Innovation: Consider possibilities and encourage new ideas, take relevant opportunities, learn from challenges, and build on our successes.

Strategic plan

NCVER's strategic plan: 2021-23 outlines our new company vision and mission, supported by 5 corporate objectives and 6 interrelated standards of quality, that will direct company activities for the next 3 years.

Annual report

NCVER's Annual report documents important company information, activities, and achievements across financial years.