Apprentice and trainee completion rates hold steady

Media release

23 July 2020

Individual completion rates for apprentices and trainees who commenced training in 2015 have held relatively steady at 56.8% (down 0.4 percentage points from those commencing in 2014), according to new NCVER data.

The completion rates for individuals who commenced in trade occupations in 2015 were also relatively steady at 56.2% (up 0.5 percentage points from those commencing in 2014) and 57.7% for non-trade occupations (down 0.1 percentage points).

Completion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees 2019 tracks apprentice and trainee outcomes from when they started their training through to December 2019, recognising it generally takes 3 to 4 years to complete a trade and 1 to 2 years to complete a non-trade apprenticeship or traineeship.

It also contains projected contract completion rates for those who started their apprenticeship or traineeship more recently, noting these projections will likely be impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

Outcomes data is included on both the individual and contract levels, as an individual may complete their training under more than one contract due to a change in employer or a break in their training.

Completion rates vary considerably by occupation. For individuals who commenced training in 2015, the completion rate for ICT professionals was 77.8% and for food trades workers 42.6%.

Australian VET statistics: Completion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees 2019 is now available on the NCVER Portal.

For more in-depth information on apprentices and trainees, visit the National Apprentices and Trainees Collection on our Portal.

More information on employment outcomes, reasons for non-completion, satisfaction with training, further study destinations, and the on-the-job experiences of apprentices and trainees is available in Apprentice and trainee experience and destinations 2008, 2010 & 2019.

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