NCVER Portal: RTO Hub - video transcript

20 August 2018

[Narrator] Welcome to our new portal.

In this video we'll show you our new RTO Hub, specifically designed for registered training organisations, state training authorities, boards of study, and SMS vendors.

The RTO Hub brings together all your reporting tools, supporting information, and other key resources.

As you can see, links to the validation software and data entry tools are right at your fingertips. Along with support material, such as our fact sheets, the AVETMISS standard, and contact details.

And down here in the resources section, you'll find plenty of information to help with your specific needs and reporting requirements, including an overview of the AVETMISS standard, a listing of publicly available student management systems in the Compliant Software Register, and details on the National VET Data Policy.

By subscribing to our Data Support Bulletin, you'll receive regular updates on our products, including AVETMISS publications, the AVETMISS Validation Software, and the data entry tool.

Subscribing is easy, just hit the "subscribe" link up here, and tick the "Data Support Bulletin", add your details, and you're all set to receive the next addition.

So, there's a quick look at the new RTO Hub.

If you have any questions or need help, you know how to contact us.

And just in case you missed it, you can find out more about the new-look NCVER portal in our other main video. Thanks for watching.