Season 6

3 June 2021
S6 - Episode 3

The role of micro-credentials in VET

Steve Davis, Simon Walker, Bryan Palmer,  1 June 2021 (30 mins)

Short-course training, often referred to as 'micro-credentials', is seen as an increasingly important form of training, particularly as governments respond to the social and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steve Davis talks to Bryan Palmer, Private Consultant and author of An analysis of micro-credentials in VET, and Simon Walker, Managing Director, NCVER about the different interpretations and definitions of a micro-credential, why so many students pursue enrolments in subjects not part of a nationally recognised program, and why a majority of activity in this space is privately funded.

The discussion largely draws from An analysis of micro-credentials in VET, published by NCVER on 3 June 2021.

A copy of the transcript for Season 6 Episode 3 is also available.

S6 - Episode 2

VET's role in youth unemployment recovery

Steve Davis, Simon Walker, Joanne Waugh, Kira Clarke, 13 May 2021 (32 mins)

Youth unemployment post-COVID is an all-hands-on-deck challenge. For young people who have lost work or have been looking for work, post-COVID recovery is going to be a fraught time if Australia doesn't take a well-structured pathway to recovery.

Join Steve Davis as he talks to Kira Clarke, Senior Research Fellow at the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Jo Waugh, Senior Research Officer, NCVER and Simon Walker, Managing Director, NCVER about the role the VET sector can and should play in the process. They discuss why vocational pathways in schools, work-based training, and career guidance are critical to youth employability, especially for disadvantaged people.

The discussion refers to research What VET can offer to COVID-19 youth unemployment recovery, published by NCVER on 13 May 2021.

A copy of the transcript for Season 6 Episode 2 is also available.

S6 - Episode 1

Quality of VET teaching: perceptions and realities

Steve Davis, Simon Walker, Linda Simon, Martin Powell, 16 March 2021 (32 mins)

Should we be concerned about the quality of VET teaching? Recent research suggests there are key issues affecting the quality of VET teaching that need to be addressed. These include entry level requirements, limited career pathways, workforce casualisation, and lack of support for professional development.

Steve Davis talks to NCVER Managing Director, Simon Walker, Educationalist and Researcher, Linda Simon and VET Development Centre CEO, Martin Powell about what helps build capability and quality in VET teaching.

A copy of the transcript for Season 6 Episode 1 is also available.