What next for tertiary education? Some preliminary sketches

By Francesca Beddie Discussion paper 25 August 2014 ISBN 978 1 925173 01 7


In 2014 a group of prominent thinkers on tertiary education came together to reflect on the Committee on the Future of Tertiary Education report (the Martin report). This publication is the culmination of the ideas discussed and is intended to generate discussion and debate on the possibilities for the future of tertiary education in Australia. The ideas presented include:

  • restructuring pathways from school or other vocational settings into diverse tertiary institutions
  • lifting the reputation of applied learning by ensuring competency-based training embraces conceptual thinking
  • decoupling funding for research and teaching
  • introducing a single governance framework.

A companion publication, A differentiated model for tertiary education: past ideas, contemporary policy and future possibilities, provides the background for these ideas.


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