How do you meet your skill needs? A survey of Australian employers: Brochure and primary approach letter

1 February 2021

About the survey

The survey is designed to identify how employers meet their skill needs. We want to know how your organisation employs and trains staff and how effective this training is at meeting your skill needs.

The survey collects information about whether:

  • your organisation employs people with or has jobs that require formal vocational qualification
  • your organisation has apprentices and trainees
  • your employees have undertaken any nationally recognised training, or unaccredited training
  • you are satisfied with the relevance and quality of that training
  • COVID-19 changed your training needs and future training plans.

The survey is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment. NCVER manages the research, analysis and reporting of the survey. Wallis Social Research will collect the information about your skill needs and training in your workplace.

If you would like more information on how your organisation was selected and how results of the survey will be used, please go to

A copy of our Privacy Collection Notice can be found at

Results from the survey will be published on NCVER’s portal in November 2021. See

If you would like more information about this survey, please phone Wallis Social Research on
1800 113 444 toll free from a landline or visit their website at

Brochure and primary approach letter

The survey brochure and the primary approach letter are attached below.  The primary approach letter is available in Word format and the brochure is available in PDF format or a web version for ease of reading.