Upcoming releases

26 October 2020

Coming soon

There are no publications due for release in the next fortnight.

Looking ahead

There are no publications being prepared for public release in the near future.

Data release dates in 2020

Listed below are the planned release dates for our statistical products this year.

Week beginning Data product / publication
3 February Government-funded students and courses: January to September 2019
16 March Apprentices and trainees: September Quarter 2019
27 AprilInternational onshore VET graduate outcomes 2019
8 June Apprentices and trainees: December Quarter 2019
20 JulyCompletion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees 2019
3 AugustVET in Schools 2019
17 AugustTotal VET students and courses 2019
Government-funded students and courses 2019
Historical time-series of government-funded VET in Australia
14 September Apprentices and trainees: March Quarter 2020
Government-funded students and courses: January to March 2020
23 NovemberGovernment-funded students and courses: January to June 2020
14 DecemberVET student outcomes 2020
Apprentices and trainees: June Quarter 2020
Historical time-series of apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia from 1963
TBCVET qualification completion rates 2018
TBCGovernment funding of VET 2019

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