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Updated: February 2024


VET Data Streamlining – Better data, faster

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Streamlining program aims to modernise the way VET student activity data is collected, managed, and utilised by the whole sector with a focus on improving outcomes for the sector at a national level.

Working in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, the state and territory training authorities and the VET sector regulators, NCVER will play a key role in this program which includes the introduction of a new VET Information Standard to replace AVETMISS 8.0

What's new

February 2024

As part of the National Skills Agreement, which was ratified in late 2023, a commitment was made to take the new VET Information Standard forward for approval by Ministers by June 30, 2024. This work with the Commonwealth, all state and territory governments, and regulators is tracking on schedule. Approval of the new standard by Ministers is one of a number of steps required in the VET Data Streamlining program before the new standard is publicly released. Public release of the VET Information Standard is the point at which RTOs and SMS vendors can begin their preparation to transition from AVETMISS 8.0 to the new standard. The timeline for the release of the VET Information Standard has yet to be agreed and will be communicated once known.

September 2023

Work on the VET Information Standard continues with NCVER refining the products of the draft standard based on feedback from governments. The timing for publication of the draft standard remains unclear and depends on other activities in the VET Data Streamlining program but is now likely to be during 2024.

A number of RTO and SMS vendor representatives have contributed to testing the new web environment where the VET Information Standard will sit once it has been published. This new environment will also be the authoritative source of information to support RTOs and SMS vendors with your future transition to the new standard.

June 2023

NCVER continues to progress the VET Information Standard and has presented updated “products” to governments for feedback. It is expected that refinement will continue for a number of months before this detail is available for sector information.

The development of the new web environment that will publish the VET Information Standard continues to progress well. We are grateful for the support of RTO and SMS vendor representatives who have helped design the new environment, including those who participated in the External User Reference Group in May. The timing for the publication of the VET Information Standard is yet to be confirmed, however details will be shared on this page once they are known.

April 2023

NCVER has incorporated feedback on the useability of draft data elements within the proposed new VET Information Standard and is preparing a report summarising the feedback and changes that were incorporated. The final content of the new standard is now being considered by governments with an outcome expected in coming months.

Work is now progressing on ensuring that the business rules for the VET Information Standard are easily understood through alignment with the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR) standard.

The development of the web pages that will publish the VET Information Standard and information that will support sector transition is continuing to schedule, with completion anticipated by the end of September. Prototype wireframes have been reviewed by nominated RTOs, STAs, and SMS providers which has resulted in valuable feedback on the website content and navigation. The final wireframe designs have now been updated with this advice. General feedback is that the website design is on the right track to meet the needs of NCVER’s stakeholders.  It is important to note that whilst the web pages may be completed by September, the timing for publishing the VET Information Standard has not yet been agreed by governments.

March 2023

NCVER is in the process of finalising the new VET Information Standard in consultation with the sector.

We have been testing the language used in the new Standard with sector representatives to seek advice on how easy the data elements and their descriptions are to understand along with their ease of collection. This feedback resulted in several changes to the content of the new Standard and NCVER is now working with governments to confirm these changes.

A new online platform is currently being designed and developed by NCVER which will eventually house the new VET Information Standard, along with associated educational products and content that will inform users of the changes to national reporting requirements.

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For more detail on the VET Data Streamlining program visit the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations VET Data Streamlining program page.

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