18 May 2018


AVETMISS stands for the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard. It is a national data standard which ensures the consistency and accuracy of vocational education and training (VET) information and covers the national VET data collections:

  • the National VET Provider Collection
  • the National Apprentice and Trainee Collection
  • the National VET in Schools Collection
  • the National VET Financial Data Collection.


In November 1990, the Australian ministers responsible for VET committed their agencies to the development and implementation of AVETMISS.

The AVETMIS Standard was developed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Industry and Skills Council and its predecessors: the Data and Performance Measurement Principal Committee; the National Training Statistics Committee; the National Advisory Committee on Vocational Educational and Training Statistics; and the Australian Committee on Vocational Education and Training Statistics.

The AVETMIS Standard was first implemented in 1994. Over time, it has expanded to incorporate the various parts of the VET sector:

  • 1994 — publicly funded TAFE and other government providers
  • 1995 — adult and community education (ACE) providers
  • 1996 — publicly funded delivery by other providers
  • 1998 — National VET Financial Data Collection commenced
  • 2005 — National VET in Schools Collection commenced
  • 2014 — National VET Provider Collection extended to all registered training organisations
  • 2014 — National VET in Schools Collection included in the AVETMIS Standard for VET Providers.

A history of AVETMISS releases is provided in Table 1.

Table 1: AVETMISS releases

Release dateActivity from
AVETMISS1.0 November 19931 January 1994
AVETMISS1.1 May 19951 January 1995
AVETMISS2.0 May 19961 January 1997
 Release dateActivity from
AVETMISS for VET Providers3.0 September 19981 January 1999
AVETMISS for VET Providers4.0 September 20011 January 2002
AVETMISS for VET Providers5.0 September 20021 January 2003
AVETMISS VET Provider Collection Specifications6.0 April 20061 January 2007
AVETMISS VET Provider Collection Specifications6.1 July 20111 January 2012
AVETMISS VET Provider Collection Specifications7.0 April 2013 (updated in 2015)1 January 2014
AVETMISS VET Provider Collection Specifications8.0 November 20161 January 2018
 Release dateActivity from
AVETMISS for New Apprenticeships2.0 (COT supplement) July 19971 July 1997
AVETMISS for New Apprenticeships3.0 September 19981 January 1999
AVETMISS for New Apprenticeships4.0 September 20011 January 2002
AVETMISS for New Apprenticeships5.0 January 20041 April 2004
AVETMISS Apprentice and Trainee Collection Specifications6.0 March 20081 July 2008
AVETMISS Apprentice and Trainee Collection Specifications7.0 October 20151 July 2016
 Release dateActivity from
AVETMISS for VET Financial Data1.0 September 1998 (updated annually)1 January 1999
AVETMISS for VET Financial Data2.0 December 2009 (updated annually)1 January 2009
AVETMISS for VET Financial Data2.1 December 2010 (updated annually)1 January 2010

Data element definitions

The AVETMISS data element definitions apply to the VET provider and the apprentice and trainee collections and describe a set of data elements including definitions, context, rules, classification schemes and format attributes used in these collections.

Collection specifications

The Collection specifications document applies to national VET collections administered by NCVER on behalf of the Department of Education and Training. The following collection specifications are available from the NCVER Portal:

Maintenance and agreement

Revisions to the Standards are agreed by key stakeholders representing registered training organisations and Australian governments. Recommendations to the standards are submitted to the Senior Officials Network prior to being implemented by the Australian VET sector.


The NCVER Client Support team provides assistance for queries relating to the AVETMIS Standards and the AVETMISS validation software.

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