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About the National Student Outcomes Survey

The National Student Outcomes Survey collects information on VET students’ reasons for training, their employment outcomes, satisfaction with training, and further study outcomes. For subject completers (students who successfully complete part of a course and then leave the VET system), the main reason for not continuing with the training is also collected.

Students included in the survey are those who completed their training in the previous calendar year.

Since 1999, the survey has collected information on the outcomes of government-funded VET students. In 2016, the scope of the survey was expanded to report on the outcomes of all graduates - including fee-for-service students (those who paid for the training or whose employer paid for the training) from private training and community education providers. The expanded scope was applied to the 2017 survey for graduates and, for the first time, subject completers.

For survey timings and more information see our VET statistics explained page.


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VET graduate outcomes 2017 infographicVET subject completer 2017 infographic


Results of the Student Outcomes Survey are published late November/early December each year, once fieldwork is completed in August.

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Supporting documentation, including the questionnaire and technical notes, is available from the Publication page.

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