Employment outcomes improve for VET graduates

Media release

15 December 2022

The latest VET student outcomes report from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) shows the employment outcomes for students who complete vocational education and training (VET) qualifications have improved.

This year, over 216 000 students who undertook training in qualifications, short courses, and individual subjects in 2021 completed Australia’s largest survey of VET students.

Results from the survey, which was run in mid-2022, show 65.0% of students who completed a VET qualification had an improved employment outcome after training, up by 4.4 percentage points compared with 2021.

Outcomes were particularly good for those completing VET qualifications in the fields of Natural and physical sciences and Information technology, with proportions with an improved employment status after training up 10.2 and 6.9 percentage points respectively from 2021.

Employment outcomes also improved for qualification completers who were not employed before training, with 49.6% employed after training (up 6.3 percentage points from 2021).

‘To get a job’ and ‘gain extra skills for my current job’ were the main reasons qualification completers cited for training, with 87.2% reporting that they had achieved their main reason for training.

Satisfaction with training remained high, with 88.9% of qualification completers satisfied with their training overall.

The 2022 survey also looked at students’ experiences with online learning, finding that 77.4% of qualification completers undertook learning online. Of these, 83.1% were satisfied with the overall quality of online learning despite 37.6% facing at least one challenge with online learning. The most commonly reported challenges were a lack of interaction with both trainers and peers.


VET student outcomes 2022 provides a summary of the outcomes of students who completed nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) delivered by registered training organisations (RTOs) in Australia during 2021 using survey data collected in 2022.

View publication: VET student outcomes 2022.

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