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About the National Student Outcomes Survey

The National Student Outcomes Survey is an annual survey of students who completed their vocational education and training (VET) in Australia during the previous calendar year. The survey covers students who have an Australian address as their residential address who are awarded a qualification (graduates), or who successfully complete part of a course and then leave the VET system (subject completers). In 2017, international onshore students who completed their training in Australia were surveyed as an additional, trial component to the 2017 National Student Outcomes Survey.

The survey collects information on VET students’ reasons for training, their employment outcomes, satisfaction with training, and further study outcomes. The main reason for not continuing with the training is also collected for subject completers.

For survey timings and more information, see our VET statistics explained page.

Data releases

Data resources are available in a variety of formats under the following titles:

VET student outcomes tileInternational onshore VET graduate outcomes tile

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