National research priorities

21 February 2024

NCVER's research program

NCVER works directly with the Skills Senior Officials Network (SSON) and undertakes annual consultation with key stakeholders to determine national research priorities. Research projects that inform these priorities are developed by NCVER, endorsed by the SSON and conducted as part of NCVER's broader research program.

See our current research for projects that are underway.

Recently completed research


The impact of increasing university participation on the characteristics of apprentices Joanne Waugh, Cameron Forrest, Kate Dowlling


From VET to sustainable employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples NCVER

Building effective RTO-employer partnerships Daniella Trimboli, Michelle Circelli, Tina Berghella

Building effective RTO-employer partnerships: good practice guide Tina Berghella, Michelle Circelli, Daniella Trimboli

Drivers of student training choices - a focus on student support services Bridget Wibrow

Beyond the standard: motivators of high-performing RTOs Joanne Waugh

Effective teaching practices and student support services in online VET Sheila Hume, Tabatha Griffin, Upekha Andrahannadi

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on VET Daniella Trimboli, Melinda Lees, Zhihui Zhang

VET delivery in regional, rural and remote Australia: barriers and facilitators Tabatha Griffin, Upekha Andrahannadi

Evaluating machine learning for projecting completion rates for VET programs Michelle Hall, Melinda Lees, Cameron Serich, Richard Hunt

Student equity in VET 2021: participation, achievement and outcomes NCVER


Adding value to competency-based training Josie Misko, Michelle Circelli

Delivery of VET: emerging trends in response to the COVID-19 pandemic Sheila Hume, Tabatha Griffin

VET and higher education pathways – do outcomes differ for the same occupation Bridget Wibrow

Journeying through VET: a case study of foundation skills learners Michelle Circelli, Michelle Hall, Zhenyuan Li, Adrian Ong, Patrick Lim

Exploratory analysis of VET market segments Bryan Palmer

VET for secondary school students: a research synthesis Michelle Circelli & Gitta Siekmann

Delivering high-quality VET: what matters to RTOs? Hugh Guthrie & Melinda Waters

VET as re-engagement pathway for early school leavers Patrick Lim

Student equity in VET 2020: participation, achievement and outcomes NCVER

The online delivery of VET during the COVID-19 pandemic: part 2 Sheila Hume & Tabatha Griffin

Insights for delivering VET online Deniese Cox

Upskilling and reskilling: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employers and their training choices Ian White & Toni Rittie


Engaging more employers in nationally recognised training to develop their workforce Kaye Bowman & Victor J Callan

The best of both worlds? Integrating VET and higher education Steven Hodge & Elizabeth Knight

Attracting industry experts to become VET practitioners: a journey, not a destination Mark Tyler & Darryl Dymock

Skills utilisation in the workplace: the other side of the coin Tabatha Griffin, Kristen Osborne, Patrick Lim & Jan Kabátek

Prevalence and outcomes of workplace-based delivery of VET Kristen Osborne

VET for secondary school students: insights and outcomes Josie Misko, Melinda Lees & Emerick Chew

Review of employment-based training models Lisel O'Dwyer

Unpacking the quality of VET delivery Hugh Guthrie & Melinda Waters

The online delivery of VET during COVID-19: part 1 Sheila Hume & Tabatha Griffin

The impact of COVID-19 on industry innovation, skills and the need for training Lisel O'Dwyer

Begin with the end: RTO practices and views on independent validation of assessment Francesca Beddie

Student equity in VET: participation, achievement and outcomes NCVER

The stock of qualifications in Australia John Stanwick & Michelle Hall

An analysis of 'micro-credentials' in VET Bryan Palmer

Vocational qualification development: lessons from overseas Bridget Wibrow & Joanne Waugh

What VET can offer to COVID-19 youth unemployment recovery Joanne Waugh & Michelle Circelli

Industry’s role in VET governance: using international insights to inform new practices Gitta Siekmann & Michelle Circelli

Provision of foundation skills training by community education providers in regional Australia Lisel O'Dwyer & Mandy Mihelic

Research Messages

Research messages brings together:

  • Key findings from our program of research
  • Conferences, presentations, webinars and other NCVER research communications
  • Information resources collated by NCVER that help explain the VET system and its related policies
  • Submissions to parliamentary inquiries and public consultations

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