AVETMISS systems files

31 May 2022


The classifications required for AVETMISS reporting are supplied in electronic format to assist organisations.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

The following files are based on classifications by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) relevant to AVETMISS.

ABS publications:

National register - Training.gov.au

The reference files that were sourced from the national register training.gov.au (TGA) have been removed from this section. To source these reference files you will need to contact TGA at tgahelp@education.gov.au. TGA will be able to assist you to directly link to TGA information.


The following reference and classification files are sourced from various sources such as federal and state departments:

  • *Postcode and suburb listing - In order to view current postcodes please visit the Australia Post website (www.auspost.com.au).

The AVETMISS postcode file used in the AVETMISS validation software differs slightly from the current Australia Post postcode file as follows:

  1. Contains historical data no longer listed by Australia Post.
  2. Contains specific postcode records not listed by Australia Post as shown below:
    • @@@@ - Not specified
    • 0000 - Postcode unknown or not available
    • OSPC - Overseas address