7 December 2023


Product description

VOCSTATS is a tool that allows users to construct their own tables, via an interactive web interface, using databases containing data from various NCVER collections. These tables can then be printed or exported in a variety of formats for further use.

Once logged in, users can access a quick reference guide and tutorial from the Help menu to assist with creating and manipulating data tables.

Target audience

VOCSTATS is specifically targeted at those users who have a requirement for highly tailored outputs; have a good understanding of the intricacies and limitations of the NCVER collections; and are willing to design and generate their own statistical outputs.

Access to VOCSTATS is by application and all registered users must acknowledge the conditions associated with the application's use. The terms and conditions of use include:

  • details on how data from VOCSTATS should be referenced (condition 4);
  • a statement that NCVER is not responsible for the correct extraction, analysis or interpretation of the data obtained from VOCSTATS

User information

The data are presented in databases under the following headings:

  • Apprentices and trainees
  • Government-funded students and courses
  • Total VET students and courses
  • VET student outcomes
  • VET in schools

These databases are based on the NCVER collections; National Apprentice and Trainee Collection, Students and Courses (National VET Provider Collection), National Student Outcomes Survey and the National VET in Schools Collection. Both current and time series/historical data are available for the above databases.

These databases are updated alongside the publication release of the collection on which they are based. A list of release dates for these publications is available on the About our data page.

NCVER has presented a short webinar, which demonstrates the use and functions of VOCSTATS. You will need to register at the page to view the recording. Note: this registration does not enable you to log in to VOCSTATS.

Otherwise, for more information contact us on 08 8230 8400 or email vocstats@ncver.edu.au.


If you already have a username and password login to VOCSTATS here or please complete and submit this registration form to have an account created.


VOCSTATS fields - terms and definitions (release 3.26) .pdf 1.7 MB Download
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