AVETMISS support for RTOs

27 October 2022


The client support team at NCVER provides:

  • assistance to RTOs to help meet their AVETMISS data reporting requirements
  • help in using the AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) and Data Entry Tool (DET)
  • communication around the reporting deadlines.
  • help using the USI Transcript Update Tool

The reporting of AVETMISS data can be a complex process.  Our Helping you meet your data reporting requirements and AVETMISS reporting in 8 step fact sheets are good starting points.

AVETMISS Validation Software

The web-based AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) is a file validation and data submission system designed for training organisations and agencies to provide data to the National VET Provider Collection. The USI Transcript Update Tool, which is accessed within AVS, enables RTOs to make updates to USI transcripts.

avetmiss validation software which is a file validation and data submission system The user guide for the avetmiss validation software. It is a pdf file

Data Entry Tool

NCVER's Data Entry Tool is a free web–based software tool that allows smaller RTOs to capture client training data and produce AVETMISS compliant NAT files.

more information about the data entry tool to be used by registered training organisations with fewer than 100 studentsThe user guide for using the data entry tool. This is a pdf file


The client support team has developed a range of resources to assist you with meeting your AVETMISS reporting requirements.

rto fact sheets with in-depth information on a range of key topicsMore information about and access to data support bulletin.A collection of webinar recordings and videos on a range of rto related topicsMore information about the unique student identifier
More information about the avetmis standard for vet providersThe avetmiss compliant software register contains a list of publicly available student management systems or data entry tools that software vendors register as being avetmiss compliant.avetmiss systems files are classifications that are required for avetmiss reporting.More information about the national vet data policy on the Australian government website

Contact information

We can help with questions about the AVETMISS national data standard, the AVETMISS Validation Software and the AVETMISS Data Entry Tool.

An online form to contact the client support team.Contact details for each state training authority and national vet regulators

Hours of operation are 8:45am to 5pm (Adelaide time), Monday to Friday. We will respond to your query within two business days.

Other queries

If your question is about:

  • obtaining or verifying a Unique Student Identifier (USI) or USI transcript - please contact the USI Office.
  • your student management system — please contact the software vendor directly. NCVER is not affiliated with any student management system.
  • state or territory specific reporting requirements — please contact your State Training Authority (STA).
  • the Learner Engagement or Employer Satisfaction Quality Indicator reports — please contact your registering body.

NCVER's client support team

Phone: 08 8230 8400

Toll free: 1800 649 452

Email: support@ncver.edu.au