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28 November 2017

Picture of icons illustrating NCVER's 7 national data collections


NCVER collects data about the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector through a number of statistical collections and surveys.

All collections meet the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) and use the AVETMISS Validation Software to ensure consistent quality of data.

As well as regular statistical reports, we release a range of tools to enable users to choose how and what data they would like to view. These include:

  • Representing data through graphic tools such as infographics and data visualisations
  • VOCSTATS – a product that enables users to construct their own tables via an interactive web interface, using data from various NCVER collections

NCVER can also provide customised data and statistics. See data access for more information on how we can assist you.

About VET data

VET statistics explained provides a summary of the Australian vocational education and training (VET) statistical collections and surveys and the purpose they serve for the Australian VET system. It covers the structure of the statistical collections and surveys, what each collection is, how they are compiled and what data is collected. An accompanying page gives an overview of the statistical standard (AVETMISS) used to ensure the quality of data. Both pages would be of interest to those with some understanding of the Australian VET system but who are seeking to further understand what is available in the Australian VET statistical collections and where to go to find specific information.

Data release dates

Data release dates in 2018

Week beginning Data product/ publication
5 FebruaryYoung people in education and training 2016
Government-funded students and courses Jan-Sept 2017
12 FebruaryApprentices and trainees Estimate Review Dashboard
26 FebruaryTechnical paper: Student Outcomes Survey: Self-Reported Graduate Model Review
12 MarchApprentices and trainees September Quarter 2017
May (TBC)Technical paper: TVA Program completion rates 2015
4 JuneApprentices and trainees December Quarter 2017
2 JulyGovernment-funded students and courses 2017
Historical time-series of government-funded VET in Australia
Apprentices and trainees Completion and Attrition Rates 2017
July (TBC)Total VET students and courses 2017
VET in Schools 2017
30 JulyGovernment-funded students and courses Jan-Mar 2018
27 AugustVET program completion rates (Government-funded 2011-2016 and TVA 2015-2016)
3 SeptemberApprentices and trainees March Quarter 2018
24 SeptemberFinancial Information 2017
22 OctoberGovernment-funded students and courses Jan-Jun 2018
19 NovemberYoung people in education and training 2017 (including VET in Schools data)
26 NovemberVET student outcomes 2018
3 DecemberApprentices and trainees June Quarter 2018
Historical time-series of apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia from 1963
January 2019Government-funded students and courses Jan-Sept 2018

Data policies


For more information about Using NCVER data.

Australian Government, Department of Education and Training

Following a Review of the National Vocational Education and Training Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy, which outlines the data collection and submission requirements for total VET activity, Skills Ministers have agreed to a revised National VET Data Policy (the Policy).

The Policy takes effect from 1 January 2018 with a six-month transition period until 1 July 2018.

Publication release alerts

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